Transit Oriented Development in the Cardiff Capital Region #2

Last year I published a blog on Transit Oriented Development in the Cardiff Capital Region. This provoked a lot of discussion and some feedback from me in subsequent blogs.

To bring some shape to the debate, the Design Commission for Wales working with me, Cardiff University, Tirion Homes, Community Housing Cymru, Cardiff Capital Region and Design Circle, held a charette in October. This involved a wide group representing local authorities, social house builders, volume house builders, Welsh Government, planners, academics, consultants and other interested groups. The output of that session has been written up as a “working note”, which I hope can help further discussion on this important subject; especially in advance of the NDF and subordinate SDPs due for development in the next decade.

The working note is available here to download. Many thanks to colleagues (Nicola, David, Andrew, Clarissa, Stuart, Rhea and especially to Jen Heal who managed the day effortlessly) for planning and running the day! And to Laura Sorvala for illustrating the proceedings!

When I get time…I’ll add to this note. I just wanted to share the working note as soon as it was available!!!

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