A Swansea Bay Metro …..and Neath

There has been a lot of debate and comment, especially over the last few days, in respect of my ideas for Swansea Bay and rail connectivity as presented here   Firstly and to scotch any rumours, no one is proposing that Neath station should be closed; far from it. I want to see more services … Continue reading A Swansea Bay Metro …..and Neath

Economic Impacts of The South Wales Metro?

These are the "rough notes"  (so apologies for grammar, etc) I used for my speech at the Wales in London event held at The Shard on 14th March 2018     Mark Barry, Professor of Practice in Connectivity, Cardiff University; Founder, M&G Barry Consulting and Author, "A Metro for Wales’ Capital City Region - Connecting … Continue reading Economic Impacts of The South Wales Metro?

Swansea to Cardiff in 30 minutes and a Swansea Bay Metro

A radical ~£1Bn  investment in rail links to and within Swansea Bay to deliver a major boost to the regional economy: 30-minute journeys to Cardiff and 2 hour 15 minutes to London & Heathrow. The foundation of a rail based Swansea Bay Metro. New development and regeneration opportunities across the region. A move beyond a tactical argument about electrification to a more strategic discussion about the vision and future connectivity of Swansea Bay

A Swansea Bay Metro…

I have published a more detailed article ....see Swansea to Cardiff in 30 mins (published 15th Sep 2017)   Since the UK Government's decision in July 2017 to cancel the electrification of the GWML between Swansea and Cardiff, I have been giving some more thought as to what we might do instead.  Just calling for … Continue reading A Swansea Bay Metro…

Wider Impacts of South Wales Metro (article for Bevan Foundation July 2016)

Full text of my article for The Bevan Foundation July 4 2016 http://www.bevanfoundation.org     I have spent much of the last six years involved in some way in what has become known as the South Wales (or Cardiff Capital Region) Metro; initially as an advocate from the business community who galvanised and led support around … Continue reading Wider Impacts of South Wales Metro (article for Bevan Foundation July 2016)

Electrification to Swansea….or not?

On March 1st, 2011, I was interviewed live on BBC Wales Evening news from Swansea; the then Secretary of State for Wales, Cheryl Gillan, was also interviewed. The UK Government had just confirmed GWML electrification from Paddington to Cardiff[i]. Having been part of the campaign, I was asked my view on whether the electrification should or would … Continue reading Electrification to Swansea….or not?

A road to Cardiff Airport….or regeneration in Pontypridd?

  Its back again…talk of a £100M link road from J34 of the M4 south through the Vale of Glamorgan to Cardiff Airport has resurfaced (they’ll be choking on their ginger beers in Pendoylan). Sounds familiar? Well it is. Welsh Government tested and consulted on this option (and others) in a process in 2007/8 as … Continue reading A road to Cardiff Airport….or regeneration in Pontypridd?

Driverless cars as a service, batteries and urban spaces…

First published in April 2017   I have been involved in the South Wales Metro in some form since 2011 but thought I’d find some time to reflect on that other form of mass transportation – the car. On that I’d like to throw out some ideas that will, I think, be relevant in how the role … Continue reading Driverless cars as a service, batteries and urban spaces…

Hand made in Ebbw Vale…?

Just a quick thought on a possible future for Ebbw Vale…   It is disappointing that the Circuit of Wales now seems to have fallen by the wayside . Maybe this is the death knell for the superstar project to transform the economy (apart from the South Wales Metro of course!). Maybe we need to … Continue reading Hand made in Ebbw Vale…?