200 to 1: English Rail Investment V Wales Rail Investment !

As a kind of addendum to my blog earlier re: my parents trip to Taffs Well depot to see the CVL Transformation work in progress…I think I’d also like to repeat a more serious point to UK Government. You can’t level up with words or hand waving rhetoric…and a 200:1 ratio between UK Government's rail … Continue reading 200 to 1: English Rail Investment V Wales Rail Investment !

Do you believe in Metro?

In January 2021 a headline appeared in the Western Mail[i], attributed to me,  “South Wales Metro hampered by public disbelief as expert claims 'even my mother doesn't believe it”.  As a part time advisor to Transport for Wales, I am sure the headline caused some consternation in TfW as well as Welsh Government. The very … Continue reading Do you believe in Metro?

North-South Rail(& bus) in Wales!

There has and continues to be much debate and discussion re: strategic north south connectivity in Wales; road, rail and air. It is a bottomless pit of views, discussion and argument…often driven more by emotion and sentiment rather than hard data.  So perhaps I can offer a few words (and I will update this brief … Continue reading North-South Rail(& bus) in Wales!