Free bus fares….or not?

We often hear calls for free or heavily subsidised public transport; we have free access to health care after all, so why not public transport?  In this shorter than usual article I want to try and explain why it’s not such an obvious policy choice. And to note in my example below, I am not … Continue reading Free bus fares….or not?

Greenways for Cardiff?

I’ve written a little before about the ideas of Greenways – and mainly in relation to the potential future treatment of the corridor from the city centre to the bay along Bute St and Lloyd George Avenue following the tramway upgrade of the bay line in Butetown[i]. Greenways typically enable the introduction of liner parks … Continue reading Greenways for Cardiff?

Metro Moans for 2023…

I’m normally pretty positive and optimistic…and have talked and written at length about Metros in Wales in such a manner, even with some small measure of critique. For example, in these blogs from 2022: Wales’ Metros – Update Feb 2022 Do you believe in Metro? and these earlier papers from 2018 (which events have overtaken … Continue reading Metro Moans for 2023…

To Rome and back by train…

We have just arrived back from a 10-day return trip to Rome by train via Paris, Geneva, Strasbourg and Milan with overnight stops in Basel and Lyon.  Apart from the salami incident in Geneva (see later) and a bus-rail replacement on the Geneva-Lyon section the same day, it all worked pretty well.  I also learned … Continue reading To Rome and back by train…

Mark Barry, May 2022: Submission to Senedd Climate Change Committee

This is a version of my submission to the Senedd Climate Change, Environment and Infrastructure Committee, in May 2022 as part of their review of bus and rail transport in Wales . The transcript is here. To note: the views and opinions expressed in this paper are those of Mark Barry and no other person … Continue reading Mark Barry, May 2022: Submission to Senedd Climate Change Committee

Wales’ Metros – Update Feb 2022

A summary of this blog appeared in the Business Section of the Western Mail in March 2022 There has been some recent coverage in the media and some social media chatter about Wales’ Metro projects, their status and what they might deliver.  Given my involvement in all of them – Cardiff/South Wales  since 2010 and … Continue reading Wales’ Metros – Update Feb 2022

Covid19, Safe Spaces & Wellfield Road?

Coronavirus is and will continue have a big impact on how we live, how we work …and how and when we move.  This presents an opportunity to recraft our urban environment so that it safer, cleaner, greener and helps support local economies. Already many cities elsewhere in the UK, and around the world [i] [ii] … Continue reading Covid19, Safe Spaces & Wellfield Road?